First Fleet members can trace their lineage back to a person or persons who arrived in Sydney Cove with Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788. The process of finding a First Fleet forebear has been made easier with the introduction of the internet ... More about us

First Fleet Ships

Second Fleet

ARRIVES AT SYDNEY COVE HORRIFYING CONDITIONS says Chaplain JohnsonLong awaited ships from England have arrived bringing with them a load of problems far outweighing their aid to the Colony.  Lady Continue Reading »

The Eleven Ships

Alexander, weighing in at 452 tons, 114 ft long and 31 ft at the beam, the Alexander was commanded by Master Duncan Sinclair. She carried 192 male convicts and was the largest ship in the fleet.  Continue Reading »

Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales was added to the number of transports in December 1786, on representation being made to the Treasury Board, that such an addition was necessary to carry female convicts to Botany Continue Reading »


Ann Inett

Ann was born at Abberley, in 1754, the youngest of four children of Samuel and Mary Inett. As a young woman, she made her living from dress-making and had two illegitimate children – Thomas, in 1778, when she was aged 24, and Constance, in 1781, when she was 27. Both were christened at Bayton Church,Continue Reading »

Settlement at Port Phillip

The first major white settlements in the colony of New South Wales were at Sydney and Norfolk Island.  The Judge-Advocate, David Collins, returned to England in 1796, later publishing his Account of the Settlement.  However, financial problems and desire for active service led to agitation for a further appointment. He was appointed to lead aContinue Reading »

Port Phillip Settlement Planned

AUSTRALIAN CHRONICLEVol.1, 1810-1810 No.3 PORT PHILLIP SETTLEMENT PLANNEDCaptain Collins in ChargeThe Home Government has approved the proposal for a new settlement to be set up in the Port Phillip district. Captain David Collins, who served as Judge-Advocate under Government Phillip and departed the Colony for Home in 1796, has been appointed to lead an expeditionContinue Reading »