Cartoons by ‘Humps’

Geoffrey Humphries ‘Humps’ who designed the Fellowship’s Logo, illustrated humous cartoons depicting major events in our history.  The cartoons have appeared in First Fleet Folios.

At Sea .. Christmas Day 1787? (Illustrated December 1995)

Since leaving England the passengers on the First Fleet celebrated their first Christmas on the high seas in December 1787.  Those early years in Sydney Cove!

Sydney Cove 7-2-1788 .. All the Officers dinned with him on cold collation but the mutten which had been kild yesterday morning was full of maggots .. Lt Ralph Clark (Illustrated October 1994)


A convict meal early period at Sydney Cove (Illustrated 1996)

 The First Piano in the Colony! 

Surgeon George Worgan brought out the First Piano on HMS Sirius (Illustrated February 1996)


 Fellowship members have been involved in three re-enactments in Sullivan Bay, Sorrento Victoria.  Many of the convict men that arrival on HMS Calcutta married the daughters of First Fleeters who had been born on Norfolk Island.

Convicts, including William Buckley, bolt from the camp at Sullivan Bay Dec.1803, items taken included an Iron Kettle! (Illustrated 2003)


Sullivan Bay 25-11-1803 “At 9, Sargeant Thorns wife was deliverd of a boy— The ‘First Child’ born on the Settlement of Port Phillip” –Knopwood (Illustrated 2002)

Norfolk Island is an important and historical island to First Fleet descendants.  The last voyage of HMS Sirius disembarked family members before it became a total wreck.

The Optimist! (Illustrated 1998)

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