The First Fleet in Botany Bay
The appearance of The First Fleet in Botany Bay will be an admirable subject for an Australian painter

anon    Our artist has sketched the occasion.  As we note elsewhere, the squadron comprised the Sirius, commanded by Captain Hunter; the armed tender Supply; three storeships and six transports.  The Supply first sighted the coast of New South Wales on the 3rd January 1788; but, owing to various causes, did not arrive at Botany Bay until the 18th.  On the 19th, three transports arrived; and, on the 20th, the Sirius with the rest of the fleet, cast anchor in the bay.  It will be remembered that in consequence of obvious defects in the bay, Phillip speedily explored and selected the harbour of Port Jackson, and there fixed the central settlement, which has now blossomed into the metropolis Sydney.

Illustrated Sydney News (NSW: 1852 – 1872), Thursday 26 January 1888, page 20


Marines getting the stock ashore from the school project The First Fleet and Early Sydney 17881810.  School Projects can be purchased through saleable items tab