First Fleet Cattle

Drakensberger Black Cape Cattle

Disaster and its Sequel The loss early in June 1788, of the black Cape cattle (four cows and two bulls) landed from the First Fleet late in January 1788, appeared to the young and ill-fed community at Sydney Cove as an “absolute disaster.”  But the discovery in 1795 of several herds (totalling over 100 head) across the Nepean River, turned the disaster into perhaps the most splendid and important event of the early years of white settlement in New South Wales, giving an insight and Continue Reading »

List of Livestock, Provisions, Plants and Seeds

10 Forges 175 Steel Hand Saws 700 Iron Shovels 700 Garden Hoes 700 West Indian Hoes 700 Grubbing Hoes 700 Felling Axes 700 Hatchets 700 Helves for Felling Axes 747,000 Nails 100 Pairs of Hinges and Hooks 10 Sets of Cooper's Tools 40 Corn Mills 40 Wheel Barrows 12 Ploughs 12 Smith's Bellows 30 Grindstones 330 Iron Pots 6 Carts 4 Timber Carriages 14 Fishing Nets 14 Chains for Timber Carriages 5,448 Squares of Crown Grass 200 Canvas Beds 62 Cauldrons Continue Reading »