Linda Groom

Front cover 'A Steadfast Hand' by Linda Groom (Timbury collection)

Front cover ‘A Steadfast Hand’ by Linda Groom (Timbury collection)

Sunday 18 November 2012 – Linda Groom
author of A Steady Hand: Governor Hunter and his First Fleet Sketchbook.

Some biographers are critical of John Hunters leadership style as 2nd Governor of Port Jackson, and his seamanship.  Linda Groom disagrees.  Her book includes a portfolio of images from his sketchbook, biographical references and an index.  It is a beautifully presented publication.

Throughout the years of the First Fleet, John Hunter kept a sketchbook.  Its pages contain some of the earliest artistic impressions of the birds, flowers, fishes and people found in and around Sydney and on Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands.  Painting between 1788 and 1790, Hunter chose small, intimate subjects and laid them out systematically, with one or two species per page. 

Linda has also written First Fleet Artist: George Raper’s Birds and Plants of Australia (2009)