Jenny Davis

Front cover 'Beyond the Facade' by Jenny Davis (Timbury collection)

Front cover ‘Beyond the Facade’ by Jenny Davis (Timbury collection)


Sunday 16 June 2013 – Jenny Davis
author of Beyond the Facade – Flinders Street More Than Just a Railway Station

Beyond the Facade invites the reader to explore the many and varied uses of Flinders Street Station over and above its primary function as the central suburban rail terminus. Many people have affinity and affection for this building which is still strongly evident in the culture of Melbourne. The vision of the Victorian Railway Commissioners to create an institute for the employees that would cater for their educational, social and recreational needs resulted in the construction of an additional storey to the 1899 design for the station. The development of the Victorian Railways Institute thus forms an intrinsic part of the station’s history. Furthermore, the incorporation of commercial facilities enabled the government to build a station of sufficient statue consistent with the pride of place that the Melbourne terminus deserved while providing additional revenue for the railways. Flinders Street, more than just a railway station.