First Fleet members can trace their lineage back to a person or persons who arrived in Sydney Cove with Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788. The process of finding a First Fleet forebear has been made easier with the introduction of the internet ... More about us

First Fleet Ships

Convict Transport 'Alexander' (Marine Artist Frank Allen)

The Eleven Ships

Alexander, weighing in at 452 tons, 114 ft long and 31 ft at the beam, the Alexander was commanded by Master Duncan Sinclair. She carried 192 male convicts and was the largest ship in the fleet.  Continue Reading »

Store-ship 'Golden Grove' (Marine Artist Frank Allen)

Golden Grove

  Built in Whitby in 1780, Golden Grove was one of the three store-ships that were owned by Leighton.  She weighed 331 tons, with 5’6” height between decks afore, 5’5” midships and 5”1” Continue Reading »

Woodcut of Lady Nelson

HMS Lady Nelson

The Lady Nelson story is one of courage and devotion, this small 60 ton brig carried out her duty, with all the vigour of a much larger sea faring vessel, in her twenty-five years of service in the Continue Reading »


Wheat field

Henry Edward Dodd

Our First Farmer Henry Edward Dodd was an experienced farm hand, who arrived with Governor Phillip, a servant of his since his days as a farmer in the New Forest.  Dodd was found to be the only free man who could be employed cultivating the lands on the public account. In February 1788 he supervisedContinue Reading »

St Saviours Anglican Cemetery, Golburn-NSW.  The grave of Mary Allen Martin ( R Stonehouse)

Mary Allen

Mary Allen, sentenced on 25 October 1786 at the Old Bailey to transportation for seven years, was recorded as being one of the lowliest women to be transported.  Mary, thought to be a previous offender, was found guilty of theft of a watch and money, was sent to Newgate prison and was embarked on LadyContinue Reading »

Rosny Farm, one of the oldest houses on Kangaroo Point  built by Richard Morgan in 1807 (The Barn is still standing) (SLofT)

Richard Morgan

Richard Morgan arrived in Van Diemen’s Land with his family on 7 October 1806.  He was a First Fleeter and Norfolk Islander. Richard Morgan was born in England.  He was convicted in 1785 at Gloucester on the oaths of ‘John Trevillian Ceely Trevillian Esq and others’.  The offence was, stealing in the dwelling house ofContinue Reading »